"Slack Babbath Plays Peep Durple"
(Orb Tape)

I am not sure if I am being trolled or not. This release might qualify as the most experimental album ever.

So theres no Black Sabbath or Deep Purple sound at all. I dont even think there are any instruments.
There is definitely someone fucking with switches in a room and looping random things.

I was expecting something more akin to the Butthole Surfers, just based off of cover art. This album sits right past where art diverges from music. It is fully art. Is there anyone out there that would like this, probably not.

There are plenty of people out there who like this kind of music. 
-- editor

Orb Tapes is based out Pensylvania, so there's some weird stuff going on in my backyard. Cassette release features color J cards with pad printed yellow colored cassette.

-- Chuck