-OTRON "Prism Exhilarated" C52 (Self-Released)

If you like trip-hop beats, slick production, scads upon scads of instructional/educational vocal samples, and the occasional saxomophone solo or ambient soundscape, well, has UK’s –Otron got a collector’s item for you! No, seriously. As per their bandcamp:

“…It is also the world's very first album release to integrate Soundary's Prysm technology.

Prysm is a unique duplication system, ensuring that every copy of an album is sonically different from every other. Thus, when you buy Prism Exhilarated on cassette you are purchasing a unique musical artefact available to no-one else. It is the ultimate collector's edition.

For this first Prysm release, 49 unique tapes of Prism Exhilarated have been produced. Available alongside this one-and-only limited-edition run is a 'reference' digital rendition (the effective copy 0), which is included with each cassette and also purchaseable as a standalone download.

For more details on Soundary Prysm, head to

Kinda cool, no? The J-Card certainly is purty!


-- Jacob An Kittenplan