V/A “Some Gunk, Some Junk” C-43 (DIHD)

Th’fine folks at Definitely Intentional Hearing Damage (dihd) have done it again. Eleven artists/bands come together in a seamless sound collection adhered together with mayonnaise and gauze.

Justin Mank, provider of the cover art, begins with a fist pumper, Swamp Water, the appropriate earthy entry point to such a heady endeavor. Midway through side a, Honey Radar’s She Became the Champion turns out a radio hit. Somewhere between Cobra Dan & th’Easy Money and Quit, someone hit the emergency brake on the interstate, and my leg fell asleep. There’s a fifteen-mile long yard sale in Hunterdon County, NJ tied together with coaxial cables and bungee cords.

T Penn’s Human Adult Band features on side b its trademark blueberry embalming fluid on stale cracker sealed with postage stamps. All that’s missing with this one is a loop cartoon reel of red wigglers dancing the hot hot hot circle wedding reception dance.

Here are some notes as listed on Dsscoggz: Volumn 2 of the Gunk Tape Compilation Series. Limited to 100 copies, mostly distributed to the bands. Slime green cassette shell.

May you come across this one in your travels.


--Adam Padavano