ENDURANCE "Shade Terrarium" C52
(Constellation Tatsu)

The crown jewel of Constellation Tatsu’s Spring ’18 batch, for me, was Endurance’s “Shade Terrarium”, which pairs a polar perfect along with Chihei Hatakeyama’s “Scene”. While CH’s humble, droning swells always prove hypnotically stoic and timeless, Endurance’s offering takes those moody seas of e-bowed guitar ambiance and slow-motion thrashes them mercilessly about with myriad doctored field recordings, indefatigable xylophone choruses from every decibel level, an emotional dynamism ranging from mania to melancholy to outright malaise, and an overarching depressive impatience that comes part & parcel with the isolation and darkness of any effectively oppressive Shade Terrarium. This is by no means a “feel good” release, but rather a blindingly brilliant, poignant capturing of our affected dispositions as we slip from Hecate’s suggestion into a much needed vernal shrug.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan