"Ascension Now" C40
(Constellation Tatsu)

Take a look at that title, again: “Ascension Now”; and the cloud-locked island-peak of solid rock that beckons us from the J-Card’s minimal façade. Once PLAY has been pressed, Spain’s Daniel Guillén pulls every trick in the New-Age-Old Handbook to hook us into his panned, reverb  + phaser-filled tractor beams, gently transporting us to this precipice/utopia/be-all-end-all-vantage-point.

Swell, natural field recordings and beatific swells of the major-chord variety foggily envelop us. Consonant arpeggios uncompromisingly dial the mood into “hey, there… yes… shit is so… so, so good”… and the myriad layers of seam-free drone? No, they do, not, stop… like, ever.

&while this album could easily be the perfect yoga soundtrack of the millennia (did I mention how expertly timed the phaser is, alongside deep breathing?), I’m more than willing to bet that your blaring it from the bedroom hi-fi will get them neighbors chill/relaxed/mindful enough to wait until at LEAST 9am, before mowing their lawns, from now on. Forever-ever.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan