FIRE-TOOLZ “Interbeing Remix Vol. 1” (Suite 309)

Haha, we thought Angel Marcloid’s Fire-Toolz project was crazy enough WITHOUT any help, right? Well listen to this!

[holds up phone in direction of stage from which an insane racket emanates; stunned 1955 teenagers watch in silence]

I’ll save you the googling. That was a reference to the film “Back to the Future.”

“Interbeing Remix Vol. 1” is even more outlandish than “Interbeing,” Marcloid’s 2017 release on Bedlam Tapes, which also had a COMPACT DISC release somehow??? Aren’t those just like beer coasters anymore? I don’t fucking buy CDs.

Anyway, “Interbeing Remix” takes “Interbeing” and runs it through a meat grinder. Everything’s a total clusterfuck, with tracks run through an industrial magnet or maybe just stretched to drone length and allowed to sit there until you know it’s doing it on purpose just to spite you. There’s some crazy pop, some gabber, digital hardcore, hardvapor, mutant disco – dude, you name it, it’s on here. Even the repeat songs sound completely different in one remixer’s hands than another.

And oh – some of my faves cut these tracks to ribbons: More Eaze, Nmesh, Tiger Village … eat a butt, Paul Oakenfold!

All of this is to say that “Interbeing Remix Vol. 1” is not just a perfect companion piece to “Interbeing,” it might actually blow “Interbeing” itself out of the water! Well, OK, I won’t get too hasty here – let’s just say they’re perfect companion pieces to each other, and you should spend IRL money (or bitcoins) to add both tapes to your collection.

Notice I didn’t say “CDs.”


Alright, I’m outta here. I’ve got a date with a clock tower and a weather experiment.

Suite 309