AR.MA “Winter” C46 (Plaża Zachodnia)

Artur Maciak is stranded in the freezing wastes during the darkest part of the year. How does he cope? Does he build a cabin, a fire? Does he huddle among trees, or seek a cave of some sort to escape the wind?

As AR.MA, he does none of those things. Instead, he experiences, observes, records, and contemplates his environment, drawing inspiration from it (not to mention field recordings) and regurgitating that inspiration in sonic sculpture.

He basically builds a snowman. A really artistic snowman.

The pieces freeze hard, dry, brittle, thawing periodically to trickle before the next cold snap. They shift and creak, twinkle and shimmer. They are brutal and beautiful. You are out in it.

Plaża Zachodnia