HEALERS "i" (Ingrown Records)

1st track sounds like a small plane has landed and the engine is cooling down. Second track is somewhere in between 60s British folk psych and Boston's Pendulum Floors.  Fitting as this duo hails from Boston.  Is that an optigan organ I hear?  With track 3 we go a little further out sounding like Kim Gordon singing falsetto over an indie drone ensemble.   On side A the tracks aren't too long, leaving you wanting more and do not make one question pressing the eject or ff buttons.  Nice editing job. Side B brings an interpretation of another fine Boston band, Sunburned Hand of the Man, in their signature fn-with-the-listener style.  For the second B side excursion, we board the Mars Rocket-1 and lumber through some turbulence, sometimes sounding like a bustling open air market in some foreign land.  The track title is 'Washing Machine' so maybe the trip wasn't so exotic, perhaps its the spin cycle through some electronics; but as the listener, it took me there.  Solid tape.  If you find yourself in Boston, maybe see what the Healers guys are doing, should be weird.


--T Penn