(Plaża Zachodnia)

The cold, dark reaches of it. Suspended without gravity. Stasis. “Space” by prolific sound artists Pleq (Bartosz Dziadosz) and Philippe Lamy hovers, its frigid expanse entering your bones as if it were measured at a temperature of absolute zero. The sound of every body part instantaneously freezing enters your mind, then plays on a loop for sixty minutes. Layered with that is Musica universalis, a celestial sonic palette used to conjure “Black Horizons,” “White Holes,” and “Immensity.” Turns out you can’t fathom space – not with your tiny human mind.

Dziadosz and Lamy try, though – oh, how they try, and they manage to capture the beauty and awe of the universe. They dedicate their work to Swedish composer Marcus Fjellström, who passed away in 2017. “Immensity (Untitled 2)” is indeed a remix of a Fjellström piece to honor his memory. Perhaps they imagine Fjellström’s spirit flitting through the cosmos and observing it in some way. I can think of no more fitting tribute than that.


Philippe Lamy

Plaża Zachodnia