ROBERT HAYES KEE “Someone Is Very Interested in Your Life” C47 (NULL|Z0NE)

Some is INDEED very interested in your life. That someone is Robert Hayes Kee, who has recorded you over a period of five years, 2007–12, without your knowledge. Let’s leave aside the ethical ramifications of this activity and focus instead on what you actually have SOUNDED like during that period. If you’re lucky, you will have become part of an artistic endeavor that you likely never dreamed of participating in. In some sense, you are the hero of this story.

“I Loathe Work, and I Love Interruptions” is basically the antithesis of my philosophy, so we’ll leave it at that. I feel you, though. I certainly won’t fault you for falling into this camp. Here, 23 minutes, zero interruptions. “Warbird Skyventures” is all process, all process. In the sky. All process, transmission. We hear you flying; be careful up there. Again, 23 minutes, zero interruptions.

Unadulterated field recordings.

Robert Hayes Kee