VESTMENTS “V" C25 (Psychic Mule Records)

Throughout this EP, there is such a dominating drone presence built up and traded off between two keyboards, saxophone, and a violin, that Vestments will surely garner comparisons to the noisiest cuts of the Doors or the dirgiest tracks from records by the Velvet Underground (or Pleasure Forever, for that matter!)…but this new NYC quartet kicks the gothic darkness up a few notches by slowing the tempo down Even Further & throwing in a subtly unsettling dual harmony that comes off more like a sparse séance in its earnest solemnity than any duet I’ve ever heard!

Make no mistake, there is no playful whimsy here, just H-E-A-V-Y, ghostly melody, dark ambiance, and songs whose hooks aren’t riffs so much as moods, leaving their melancholic radiation behind to linger and permeate the subconscious. Pretty great stuff!

-- Jacob An Kittenplan