CASIO ADCOCK “Nope, Nothing Clever” C30 (NULL|ZONE)

Introvert. That’s written in Lee Adcock’s Twitter bio, and I’m inclined to agree, based on Adcock’s output as Casio Adcock. “Nope, Nothing Clever” is defiantly lo-fi keyboard and rudimentary rhythm experiments delivered with a forcefulness that belies the artist’s apparent skillset. It sounds like it was recorded straight to four-track in Adcock’s bedroom; in fact, I don’t think the bass is even plugged in to an amp when Casio recorded it. “Nope, Nothing Clever” sounds like a transmission from an outpost with no one around for miles.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to like here. Some of the most endearing and interesting experimental songwriting has come from the seemingly hermetic yet eager, and Casio Adcock fits right in with that cadre. This is especially noteworthy given that “for the longest time, Casio didn’t even know she existed.” This is certainly a missive from a self-aware entity.