SCHWERPUNKT “Don’t Give Up You Can Do It”

From South London comes Schwerpunkt (George Raynor Law) with a two-track offering Ambient electronics masquerading (at least in title) as late-seventies self- help contributions. Like a previous release, which was titled  “How To Be Saved,” Law takes control of these free-form, improvised (as in “capture-the-moment”)  synth based pieces in such a  way that it’s difficult to believe he didn’t score this out beforehand.

The two sides are different, make no mistake but they share a simpleness that walks a dangerous line that can more often than not lead to boredom or in “tape talk”-fast forward. Alas, I find Law escapes my itchy finger and I sit through both sides and even play it again.

The pieces are not long-and Law knows when to cut a good thing off. In fact, I could of sat still for another fifteen minutes of his clever tinkering but it wasn’t to be. In a world where ambent, electronica and freeform are all too common, Schwerpunkt sits atop the heap. I like Law and I’ve never met him. This is a keeper.


- Robert Richmond