MORE EAZE “Yum” (Plastic Response Records)


More More Eaze, please.


It doesn’t matter if it’s year-plus-old More Eaze – More Eaze doesn’t get stale. More Eaze is always delectable ear candy, never you mind the release date. In 2017, Austinite Marcus Maurice celebrated the changing of the calendar (in November, but still) with a beast of a release on Plastic Response Records, the 16-track “Yum,” a cacophonous electronic pinball confection that touched on more emotional triggers than a gallon-sized jar of jellybeans.

Yum, right?

So yum.

These mostly short barrages of digital stimuli flit, stretch, and pulse through your system like EQ spikes, raising your heart rate and smoothing it out alternatively. Adrenaline ebbs and flows. Your resting state is a healthy one. And more than maybe anywhere else in More Eaze’s vast discography we’re treated to utterly delightful pop moments, where the Eaze himself croons us to euphoria over dramatic sonic shifts and blissful melodic constructions.

So … freaking … yum.

You know he’s released a tape on Orange Milk, right? That just makes so much sense. I probably could’ve just said that and been done with it.

But there was so much tape left to listen to.

Buy buy buy! Still available, you “Yum”-less fools.