ELECTRONIC DEATH REGISTRY “Strawberry Nowhere" C22 (Self-Released)

As sure as their J-card's crudely watercolored mouths howl playfully bubble-lettered esoterics, Electronic Death Registry keep it as simple as they do off-kilter. Oft-single-note synth riffs (at most two at a time, including a plodding bass note) repeat as anthemic scaffolding for an über-busy, almost tribal drumkit battery, which doth add some pretty cool textures. The serious charm here is in the two lock-step sirens, emoting an inspiringly wide range of complimentary chordal/polyphonic exhortations, ranging from possessed choir divas to possessed cheerleaders to possessed riot-grrrlz…you get the idea. Possessed & awesome; this Oakland synth-punk duet is bringing the party!

To note: Track 6, “Black Sugar Eyes” is a seriously witchy call-to-arms, & not to be missed!


-- Jacob An Kittenplan