“Free Association” C50
(Park 70)

Does this self-referential nom de plume ring any gongs? Get the feeling this is gonna prove something SERIOUS to get lost in? The liner notes stating “All songs recorded in Puerto Rico and Pomona” seal the deal; this project has GeAr DNA in it, and it’s guaranteed to be brilliant.

But, before we get into them guts, Park 70 (Knoxville, TN)’s packaging is KIL-LER and needs exalting. Check the austere O-card with elegant monochromatic embossing of dimensional warpage, weftage, and deconstruction. Peep the insert of same art, perhaps for the corner of your mirror or maybe to keep a houseplant company. Mesmerizing. All resources spent on the cover, Concrete Colored Paint’s tape shell is left practically naked, it’s only covering, a sexy li’l sticker across 1/3rd of the spine. Gorgeous! Finished judging the book by it’s cover, the innards prove equally enchanting…

I may or may not break into the local cemetery once every summer at dusk JUST to sit under some weeping willows and take in the raging crepuscular choir that is their pond-frog community. To hear bog and boreal chant always fills me to the brim with an ecstasy I’m fairly certain is unreasonable, and “Free Association” by CCP takes this bliss to the next level, coloring the natural calls and responses of amphibians, fowl, and insects with synthesized drones, pedal-delayed minimal key phrasings, and a nuanced mix/mastering of it all that creates an experience unobtainable anywhere else in the world, outside of this tape. 

There are a LOT of great things going on here, but I’d just like to highlight my favorite, being how each field recording can, not only be infused with a mood and, subsequently, a time of day, but that each one’s mood/time can be further augmented at the drop of a chord through shifting drone or subtle key-shift. This is psychoacoustic magic here, and I cannot fucking wait to hear more!

— Jacob An Kittenplanj