“Descension / Digestion” C21
(Decoherence Records)

Max Nordile has been responsible for the unimaginable straining of vocal cords, loop pedals, saxomophones, and electric guitars for about five years now (?) and has consistently sounded like he has licked so much beat poetry written on sheets of acid that he and said electrically amplified musical equipments have all come out sober on the other side with an internalized rosetta stone for interpreting Tender Buttons. 

A tornado sucking up a marching band and scattering the horns to the corners of the cosmos would sound like a well-tempered concerto in comparison to Nothinug Band’s output. To say his releases are “disorienting”, hard to “get down to”, or even “digest”…would be correct. He hits the mark, yet again.


— Jacob An Kittenplan