FHERNANDO “All I Have" (Additivo Music)

By way of  UK based Additivo Music we have Fhernando; who is from Mexico City and cites disco and house as his influences-something thta is quickly obvious as you sit and listen to the tape. Fhernando is blessed with the ability to pull a hook from the air whenever he needs it and each of the ten tracks here are both danceable and hum-alongable (???). He walks (dances?) a fine-line that, if crossed, could make for light fodder; but he succeeds in keeping it all together in a very listenable way.

The production is clean and, of course, digital and there are no vocals throughout. The title track (second on side one) is a standout as is “Lately” and the closer, “Pay The Bill.” The package nicely compliments the music and is a full-color eight panel j-card with an entire two panels of “thank-yous.” The hot pink shell will insre you don’t lose it on the floor of your car.

I, frankly, wasn’t sure where this tape was going before I played it. The accompaniments lend themselves to a commercial pop offering.  This can be that but so much more too. A thinking man’s dance music? Perhaps. Fhernando’s fourth album is quite an accomplishment and one to look out for. Thumbs up for Fhernando!


-- Robert Richmond