"For A Ride" C30
(Strategic Tape Reserve)

Stoically rhythmic vocal plot delivery, with pre-budding Nina Simone diva-esque texture vibes. Or is that Steely Dan? Both. In tandem. How is that possible?
Synth backing sequences are a perpetually metamorphosing, scaffold-done-bein’-earthquaked flex of simple chords & arpeggios gone skew-sucked into the fourth dimension. This is coming out of NOLA? Figures! 

This release is not just weird but visionary, like some time traveling bard from the cyberpunk bardo beyond. Listen concertedly, with headphones, and get taken “For A Ride”…like, waaaaay FAR OUT. 

Houdini did “sleight of hand”; Hawn does “sleight of ear”. Good luck attempting to focus!


-- Jacob An Kittenplan