EEPHUS “Gift Shark” EP

Did you know an eephus is a slow junk pitch in baseball.? I didn’t either until I began my search for info on this cassette. As it turns out, of course, Eephus is also this band, a three piece that features Kevin G. on bass, James Z on guitar and Johanna C holding down the beat.

The band have offered up an EP of five songs which, while clearly punk influenced (read Sex Pistols, Ramones etc.) also has a solid footing in classic rock.  The tape opens with “Spacious Innocense” which may be the most punk inlfluenced track here. A good, solid opener in any case which screams “I dare you to try to sit still through this tape!!!!” The two remaning songs on side one are equally rambunctious and, maybe more than anything else on this release, exemplify the previously noted influences of both punk and rock.

A word about the production. David Wolf has done a remarkable job of keeping the reins sonically while not getting in the way of the music. I found the mix to really lend itself to the proceedings-something that sadly does not happen often enough in tapes from this genre.

“Another Only One” opens the second side with the vocals mixed down a bit and the guitar piercing through everything else. “On and on and on and on and on…” it laments with just the right sprinkling of attitude. Finally, the tape concludes with “Big Box Coliseum” whixh rivals the opener for most punk influence. A great way to close out this presentation. These guys  have put together a solid tape which is truly a keeper. Thumbs up to Eephus!

-- Robert Richmond