NOSTROMO “Segment the Sky” C40 (Personal Archives)

Iowa probably hates you, so get out of it. At least that’s what I’m gathering here, if the gates of the state are protected by Nostromo, a guard-Cerberus bellow-barking constantly into the night. That’s right, the trio whips up such a forceful gale of classic noise rock that your face will likely be sandblasted from your head if you get too close to the band while they’re performing. Imagine a Sabbath/Helium hybrid weaned on nothing but Amphetamine Reptile releases, and you might be getting there. But you’re still not close, because what did I just tell you about getting close?

“Segment the Sky” is eight uncompromising tracks of heavy riffage and massive low-end, anchored by crushing kit-work. The tempo is almost constantly at an “Immigrant Song” pace. If you think that something of this description is probably the most awesome thing you’re going to hear today, have I got some news for you: you’re dead right. Grab that denim jacket with the heavy metal patches on it and wear it to work instead of your suit jacket with your shirt and tie while blasting “Segment the Sky” out the window of your Honda Civic. I believe that outfit is called an “Iowa tuxedo” anyway.