GERMAN ARMY “MOVE9” C50 (Fort Evil Fruit)

Get fucking restless. “MOVE9” “refers to members of the Philadelphia black liberation group MOVE who were controversially convicted for the murder of a police officer killed during a raid on their residence in 1978. Six of the seven surviving members remain imprisoned.” This is the German Army MO. This is always the German Army MO. Forever shedding light on the casualties of capitalism and calling out the perpetrators, GeAr rip through another tape of destroyed dub and industrial mayhem. As always, I feel angered and empowered in the wake of it.

What are you/I gonna do then? There is rhythm in my bones, and does it get me off the couch where I am comfortable and consuming or is it powerless to stop the tide of world markets? Well, I guess it is actually pretty powerless as the GDP of all the nations of the world wash over me and consume me and spit me out and don’t think twice about it. Money doesn’t have feelings anyway. That’s why we’re faced with situations like that of MOVE. Agitators get dealt with.

GeAr never gets old. GeAr never dulls. GeAr is a voice that must be heard, like underground broadcasts infiltrating the mainstream, but repressed in a totalitarian state. We’ll see where this goes. Till then, “MOVE9” remains another stellar entry in the German Army catalog.