PAINTED FACES “Hermit of Bushwick” C40 (Already Dead)

There’s been an awful lot of talk around here about getting wisdom teeth out, and I’ve been there. I’ve had the painkillers. I know how much of a drag the whole experience can be, but also how weird your outlook gets during it too. Jacob Watkins wrote back in 2016 how he wished he would’ve made something like “Hermit of Bushwick” while on those wisdom teeth painkillers, but what he ended up doing turned out pretty bad. Painted Faces though? Painted Faces nailed the vibe.

David Drucker plies the lo-fi psychedelic trade with lots of flange and reverb, and the result is a hazy song cycle of half-remembered reveries and bizarre experiments. One minute he’s tweaking synth knobs and crooning over an antihistamine cloud. Next minute he’s strangling an acoustic guitar. He also may just drift through space, depending on his mood, like on “Time Bong.” By the way, there’s a track on here called “Time Bong.” I don’t feel the need to write anymore about “Hermit of Bushwick” now that I have that piece of knowledge.