"Traditions of a Vestigial Intranet" C47
(Strategic Tape Reserve)

If I were an asshole, which I am, I’d compare Cologne, Germany’s STRATEGIC TAPE RESERVE to Dayton, Ohio’s ORANGE MILK RECORDS. They’re both all over the avant-garde electronica game, siding with the weirdest of the weird, yet still promoting SERIOUS banger-makers. I cannot fawn over either of them enough. Hence the linkage.
From my own biased ear, Emerging Industries of Wuppertal is pretty much an alternate-history caché of unrealized early Skinny Puppy instrumental outtakes (perhaps a Brap 0.5?), but with a (relatively) more manic, slo-mo vibe. All that dark-ambient/industrial goodness, sans horror soundbites? Swoon!!!

Whilst not necessarily a “good time”, “Traditions of a Vestigial Intranet” is certainly one HELL of a time, and worth repeated, repeated, repeated listens, to be sure!

-- Jacob An Kittenplan