BOYS FROM BRAZIL “s/t” (Perennial Records)

Warning: it’s going to be hard to write a review on this tape that isn’t longer than the actual tape itself.  The band is named after a Gregory Peck movie based on an Ira Levin book about a Nazi clone conspiracy originating in post war South America. However, these Boys from Brazil are from Olympia, Washington and make synthpunk with very pronounced 80s new wave and industrial elements blended in as opposed to Hitler clones…I think. Their self-titled release make for a quick-but-fun listen. Fans of Liars last album “Mess” as well as the Boys from Brazil’s former bands Milk Music and Cairo Pythian ought to give the tape a listen. Hopefully more music will come soon.

Stream the opening track “Boys from Brazil Theme” here -

-- Roy Blumenfeld