MOCK ORDER “Mock Order”
(Imminent Destruction Records)

“Mock Order” is the self-titled debut EP from a duo that is ½ Canadian, ½ Irish, and 100% punk. Neither the j-card nor their bandcamp provide much detail on the band. The information on how Cody and Hannah met, if either have been in other bands before, or even what their full names are is nowhere to be found. 6 brief tracks in which Cody plays both drums + guitar which Hannah vigorously screams her lyrics over are all we get to go by. The music sounds like early hardcore both instrumentally and lyrically; the guitar is fast, the drums are pounding, and the socially conscious lyrics are delivered passionately. It would be easy to fool someone into thinking Mock Order were pulled out of a crate dating back to the Reagan years instead of 2015.    

-- Roy Blumenfeld