(Katorga Works/Stupid Bag Records)

Sometimes it’s better to be late discovering a very good band as opposed to never discovering them at all. That has proven true for me in the case of Weed Hounds. Their self-titled debut was released September 2014 and based on their Bandcamp it’s the result of 5 years’ worth of laboring. I guess I can be forgiven for needing an extra 9 months to find out they exist and make the type of shoegaze that’s worth paying attention to. To me, the album is flawless. The four piece band create an enormous sound which explores the vintage 90s era, the pop influenced, the chaotic, and the spaced out realms of the genre. Through all the noise Laura Catalano’s vocals are able to shine as opposed to being wasted on incoherent mumbling preferred by similar acts. I can’t find a thing I’d change about the production, done by Ben Greenberg of Uniform/The Men/Hubble, either. Do yourself a favor and check them out if you are even slightly interested or intrigued.

-- Roy Blumenfeld