A wish is worth a million wishes. If you try to re-write history, you wont get nowhere.

I got a massage by dave today. He was strong. We talked about webbed feet, and skin conditions.
Here is a new offering from PLUNDERSHOP – a lonesome project that has spanned and spunned across history, and possibly been rubbed out of memory. For Brantley, the culprit of the PLUNDERSHOP song has been in hiding until recent. No more. PLUNDERSHOP is alive and well, and recording with the fever as he always has, exploring more avenues than downtown. Now get on board.

What CAR DOOR EFFECT has produced is a limited cassingle (hate that word) - - 2 song affair – - dubbed onto old commodore 64 game cartridge. Game cartridge being the old cassette format, using audio tape to produce computer blips and bleeps. (For those too young to remember, this was a thing. A thing that didn’t last long.)  I would pronounce this as “odd” and “unique” but I kinda find it sad, as I would love to actually play “Cobra Strike” – the best would be to play cobra strike, and listen to said cassette while doing so, as I am sure cobra strike would hold about 4 mins of the now human attention span.

Fortunately, PLUNDERSHOP is much more long lasting than Cobra Stike. These two (three?) songs crackle and spark and warm papules long forgotten. They fill the lungs with air and could probly keep you under water for the full length of this cassette.   What you get is what you get, and never forget it.

-c. fischer