PROFLIGATE "Finding the Floor" (Not Not Fun)

This tape was a great companion for me on a long pre-dawn bus ride: dark, hard electro-trance that just builds and builds and builds. In my experience the kind of electronic music that gets labeled as "industrial" is usually angsty and emotional, or else reveling in its own ugliness, but Profligate takes a much more clinical approach that's largely devoid of theatrics and feels more in line with non-industrial genres like minimal techno and drone music. There are vocals on a lot of the tracks but I can't make out any lyrics, which seems pretty intentional; the human element is minimized in favor of echoing electronic percussion and arpeggiated synth runs. It's beautifully spiky and heavily styled, and that's the point.

this is also available on vinyl from the same label. definitely gotten a few spins around these parts - ed.

-- Will Griscom