Written all fancy-like on a card that came with the tapes reads “Kit List:

Reel to Reels, Studer B67 Tandberg Series16, 4 track Tascam 246, Fostex X25, Cassette Decks Tascam 122, nakamichi Tri Tracer, Tascam 202, Maranze5020, Noise Gates, DOD, Bandive, Studio master Compressors, Studio master, Boss,  Joe Meek, Synth, Paia 4070, First man SQ1, Yamaha DX7, Akai EWI 4000, Casio VL Tone, Arion DDS4 Delay, Audio Logic Time Machine, DOD 512 Delay Systems MXR EQ”.  With all this equipment, there are a lot of pretty rad sounds looping around here, but, for the life of me, I cannot get into the lack of structure. Sounds like someone testing out what each piece of equipment can do, without attempting to establish any continuity, mood, or themes. Wish I had all this stuff to play with!

- - Jacob An Kittenplan