“Calling Them Out [Kerrchingle #3]”
(Kerchow! Records)

Are you feeling like an ass, hazed over from bad booze, bad food, maybe a bit too many games of Trivial Pursuit with your wacky family? Arklight is here to help, because once you crack your eyelids at the morning sunbeams, you only have about six minutes or so to listen to music before you have go back to sleep. Just enough time to hit play, take a leak, grab a handful of Advil, chug a huge glass of water (for rehydration), and hit stop again. You don’t want anything you need to think too hard about, you just want that old, fuzzy Yo La Tengo vibe, like the one on that 7-inch where they cover the Velvets. Or early Dump, or something. It’s all good, all four-tracky, all hazy. No harsh tones or crazy rhythms.

Side A, “Calling Them Out,” allows you to muster enough energy to move. It’s fever pop. Speaking of fever pop, side B is called “Fevered Dream,” which is what you were having before you woke up, and are about to have again. The music mirrors the mood perfectly – it’s like Arklight is in the room with you, but off in the corner, not playing too loudly, because they worry about your well-being. They’re not even interested in properly packaging this single, they just want you to have it immediately, they care about you that much. Plus, it smacks of effort to put the thing together anyway. So no case, no j-card, just a cassette wrapped it in paper, text scribbled in Sharpie, and stapled tight enough so that the tape doesn’t fall out. Ta-daa! Home run, as the Kerchow! cats say. And a home run for everybody. For Arklight, a grand salami, walk-off, back to bed, yank covers, snore.

--Ryan Masteller