WATTER “This World” (auralgami Sounds)

The cassette reissue of Watter’s debut LP showcases drummer Britt Walford’s (Slint) painting on the cover, which to me, is a far more appealing visual than that of the original release on Temporary Residence Ltd. (still a pretty nice landscape photo). Another reward for this particular release is the bonus track “Digital Camo” on the end of side A. This tape is begging for a cassette deck with the continuous side flipping option, to wear it down to a threadbare tether. Wear and tear this one, make it your own.

Anyone missing the instrumental flavors of 1990s Chicago and Cologne may take interest, as “This World” contains the work of seminal practitioners, even in guest spots such as Rachel Grimes of Rachel’s. I didn’t get the poster for the release show, that is said to come with each of the edition of 100, nor did I attend said concert, which also featured Steve Gunn and Ryley Walker, but it’s ok, I plan to see all of these artists someday, maybe all in the same show again if I can. It’s a nice poster of two Russian dolls holding hands on a cable footbridge connecting and running through two different people’s ears, suspended over a rocky shore. There are complimentary sounds and visuals to consume and appreciate by all parties surrounding Watter. Louisville, KY’s auralgami Sounds is worth investigating, with artists such as Dominic Republic, Insect Policy, and The Wrists filling in the blanks, stuffing nuggets in hidden vaults.

Cassette release on bandcamp: http://bit.ly/1MbacME
A track: https://soundcloud.com/temporary-residence-ltd-1/watter-rustic-fog

--Adam Padavano