“60 Minute Cassette” C60
(Helen Scarsdale Agency)

This guy really got behind GW Bush’s “No Blemish Left Behind Act”! I’m not much of a historian, really, but I feel pretty comfortable (from this internet soap box) saying that this here R. Garet has taken William Basinski’s “let us fuck and further fuck with the medium of our message” to withering heights.

This tape acts as The academic field recording of Decay-Study field recordings, and I imagine a buncha noise worshippers all sitting around, comparing notes on how, exactly, they, themselves might coax that particularly cherished blemish from your standard magnetic drone. This is electro-acoustic noisy drone for its own sake and I’m goddamn glad I get to listen to it until the tape itself warbles and fades like my mind/body/spirit/whathaveyou.

- - Jacob An Kittenplan