BE MY FRIEND IN EXILE “Creator, You Destroy Me” C63 (Already Dead Tapes)

Thor is the worst Avenger, and his standalone films are clearly the weakest of the franchise. Once they start getting into all that god nonsense, it’s hard to take seriously. I mean, think about it – if you were a god, with power and sight beyond what we can imagine as human beings, wouldn’t you not act as if you were one of those silly, inferior humans? I mean seriously – the palace (and even galactic) intrigue is barely worth mentioning. And who even knows what Loki’s motivations are in the slightest, particularly pertaining to his mind-bogglingly shortsighted actions in The Avengers? It’s madness.

Whatever. All this to say, Be My Friend in Exile, the recording alias of Miguel Gomes, does a better job at personifying (or … what’s the opposite of personifying? Godifying?) a deity through music than the Marvel team has ever done through film. Maybe it’s just as well. Here, on Creator, You Destroy Me, Gomes is somehow in the presence of the divine demiurge, and he can’t bear it. That mere presence is atomizing him. And the creator doesn’t even notice – it’s too busy existing at a point where the infiniteness of time and space cease to be separate, or indeed matter at all. Guitar haze, drones, feedback – interstellar collisions and cataclysm on a massive scale, yet experienced through distance. Tune in, turn on, warp drive stuff.

And, we’re lucky, because Gomes would never, ever incarcerate any superhuman entity within a transparent prison. They have those in movies because the prisoner is going to escape, duh!

--Ryan Masteller