LUMEET “Lucitania” (self-released)

Helsinki, Finland brings us Lumeet, maker of adventure music, as described on the bandcamp page. First track on Side A, Tilt Shift utilizes melodica in a way I haven’t heard since Tortoise’s TNT lp. At times the sound resembles a New Age Kraftwerkian Human League jammed into the Knight Rider theme. Although the title Lucitania suggests the famed early 20th century downed vessel, the record veers more upbeat and cheerful while digging in a cold neutral synth zone.

A sweet black card stock box houses the recording, with a future world cover image akin to Blade Runner or Akira. The occasional fresh handclap dropped in is fun. With EPYX, the second to last track on side B the title probably pays tribute to Commodore 64’s Olympic Game simulator magnates, suggesting a Flashdance game tie-in by the video game company. There’s nothing else to do but get ready for the thrill-ride Lumeet prepared for your ears and minds.

Update: Lumeet is a multi-disciplinary artist, having created a videogame/single named Lvs, which you can download here.


--Adam Padavano