“Fantasy Error” C44
(Sophomore Lounge)

You know that great feeling when you hear a song and instantly check their tour schedule?  Praying to the great music gods that they will soon be stopping by your town?  I just felt it.  This is what Kings of Leon/Whiskeytown/etc. wish they were.  Indiana alt country with badass licks, great lyrics, amazing violin and some of the catchiest dang songs I’ve ever heard. 

I will admit that they had me when a sticker and not a download card fell out of the cassette when I opened it.  And there was a sweet booklet glued into the j-card!  I popped the tape into the tape deck and sat down, inches from the speaker.  Hoping against hope the music would match the packaging.  It was good.  No! It was great!

Thoroughly aurally aroused, I greedily listened to it all the way through, fumbling drunkenly at the end of side A to flip it over as fast as possible.  I drooled happily in front of the speakers.  Giggling occasionally with the joy that comes from finding some new great tunes.

-- Jeremiah Paddock