“People I’ve Never Met”
(Physics Engine)

Can you imagine if The Books, both Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong, recorded an album with Wes Anderson? Me neither! I’ve got some great news, though, in case a pairing like that strikes you the right way. Dorcas Morton, the fake-ass name of Boston’s Brian Paulding, releases music that sounds exactly like that. Paulding uses all kinds of instruments within a home-recorded paradigm, and enlists his pals Clap and Willard on a couple of tracks to help out with spoken-word story-vocals, or, uh, chainsaw. And clarinet.

The tape is awesome, because I love me some Books, so it’s right up my alley to begin with. It’s folky, it’s collage-y, and it features lots of samples of people – presumably the people Dorcas Morton has never met (the title!). Paulding even calls People “a tape for tinkerers,” and there’s no way anyone can argue with that. It sounds like there’s a lot of minute detail he sweated over. Composing these songs must have been a lot of fun. And I’m not even a spoken word/poetry fan in any sense, yet I did enjoy the excursions down those paths. The whole thing just makes me happy a lot, and a grin this big can’t go unnoticed. Here you go, I’m sharing it with you! J)))))))))))

It’s also from 2013, so it’s a straggler – give it some extra love.

--Ryan Masteller