“Burner + Break Up EP”
(Fleeting Youth Records)

It seems like the #1 export from Australia to the US these days is garage rock. ScotDrakula are a three piece band from the land down under and represent the gentler side of that sound. They’ve picked up some steam late last year and now have a Facebook page that has over 2000 “likes” and a song review from Pitchfork to show for it. That being said, don’t write them off as a buzz band until after you’ve given them a chance. The tape includes their album “Burner” on the A side and their 2 song ep “Break Up” on side B. When it all comes down to it, internet bullshit aside, songs like “CrazyGoNuts” and “Dynopsykism” prove they deserve what attention they’ve gotten and they are due to get much more.

-- Roy Blumenfeld