“…with Christopher Riggs and with Jack Wright”
C35 (Unit Structure Sound Recordings)

“Boy, I tell you what. Those boys did jus’ ‘bout e’rythang to them fancy instrumen’s but play ‘em the way the Good Lord intended!”

‘At one point, I swear I done heard a prize SOW snortin’ & a-carryin’ on.’

“I reckon I heard that, too, yessirree. Them boys was sweatin’ to beat the band, for sure! I’ll say one thing; them boys gots per’suh-VEER’ns, yessirreebobcattail!”

‘mmmHMMM! I’s thinkin’ t’m’self, I says, sure, i know I could make any a’ them noises m’self…but so many DIFF’rnt ones…in a ROW…

“…and for so LONG…”

‘Makes me sweat jus’ thinkin’ bout this ‘FREE JAZZ’ craze got all the youngin’s.’

“You see that shiny casSETte tape they was sellin’?”

‘Suuuuure did! Daaang fine lookin’…if ya like art drawn with a RUler!’

“Did somethin’ funny t’mah eyes, it did.”


- - Jacob An Kittenplan