BRAEYDEN JAE “Turnings” (Inner Islands)

Being overwhelmed by this guitar ambience right now, strums, hiss, and crackle of “ons” leading off this remarkable tape, knowing that “loved” kind of has a folk bent to it, even shoegaze, and the recording technique is so lovingly applied because that the layer of grit just lends a wonderful sense of nostalgia to it, and I guess I can’t write about each individual song (although I really want to because really, how do you get such consistently gorgeous tone?), so I’ll skip over a couple and hit “lifting again” because the guitar is so clean and delayed but still hissy (it’s a heartbreaker, kids!), and the tape closes with a song called freaking “distance,” and it actually sounds like distance, like reminiscing and longing and wistfulness and synonyms for that, and I’m absolutely lost in it, and oh, the tape’s over, ha, look at this I did a whole review as a run-on sentence (sorry everybody, see if you can follow it, but if you can’t, tough!), but the moral is: buy this tape – oh wait, it’s sold out; I guess you have to buy the mp3s, and when you do, thank me for turning you on to this heavenly stuff, because ohmygodbraeydenjae’ssogood (I couldn’t even type spaces in between letters, I’ve melted!).

--Ryan Masteller