AARON TROYER “Muscular Heritage”
(Self Released)

Lo-fi guitar-based music might never go out of style as far as I’m concerned. Or even if it does, some suggest it already has, that still won’t stop people from making more of it anyways. Thank goodness Aaron Troyer hasn’t been deterred by such ramblings, as Muscular Heritage is a truly fantastic album.

Sparing a fun rendition of The Kinks “The Way Love Used to Be” all the songs were written by Troyer. Last year CMJ referred him as one of their favorite songwriters in Columbus right now. While I don’t know much about his competition after listening to the tape I feel compelled to agree. Almost anyone can have an idea or come up with some sort of story to sing. But it takes a true gift to tie a theme together in a way to convey a message like the nihilistic “Nothing to Live For” does or tell the story of departing from a romantic partner the way “The Screen” lays it out.  

Troyer has what it takes to separate himself from the pack in his lyrics. His guitar skills aren’t too shabby either. They are pretty much front and center through the duration of the tape; receiving assists only from Alex Romstedt on drums for two songs and Sven Kahns on slide guitar for another. 
I couldn’t find the tape for sale anywhere online. Look at Aaron Troyer’s art and check out his other music projects here: http://www.aarontroyer.com/about/

-- Roy Blumenfeld