CALLADO “Lights Out EP” C14
(Sweet Sounds Records)

One pretty cool thing about this tape is that the reverse side is truly REVERSED, as in, if you were listening to a part of one of the songs and said to yourself “I wonder what that would sound like played backwards,” you really can! Just flip the tape over and press play! Can’t do that nearly as easily with a record and you sure as shit can’t do it with a CD…yet?

So, musically…I can’t shake the likeness here to a Krishna-core band from the ‘90’s, Shelter, specifically the album “Mantra”, the song, specifically, “Letter to a Friend”. This strained peak/sung vocals and alterna-grungey-ness is pretty strong on the first 3 songs, with the last one, an instrumental, very different altogether, and, by far my favorite, with calming swells of droning strings taking us back down a notch. Also, this song sounds just as good backwards.

- - Jacob An Kittenplan