I CUM DRUMS “The Girdle” C30
(Sick Sick Sick Distro)

A solid half-hour of industrial noise, Midwestern 90’s hardcore punk chugga-chugga breakdowns and…deep jungle music? This one man sweat-fest manages to make enough racket for a full five piece, simultaneously “pounding them skins” as they say, whilst also hollering through a mélange of effects pedals. The toms and cymbals (?) are also triggering a buncha noisy/texturally amplified gizmos, thus confusing the shit out of anyone who might want to pigeon-hole this genre-bending chap. I imagine ravers and, for lack of a better term “those prone to mosh” all scratching the backs of their bobbing, perspiring noggins  to these unforgiving beats.

If you get the tape, there’s a bonus track of some of the deepest, ugliest, bowel-churning, near-brown-notes I’ve ever heard strung together…for a solid 10+ minutes. My tummy hurts.


- - Jacob An Kittenplan