V/A “Red Bolatiero” C62 (Teen Action Records)

There’s a whole lot of really great stuff going on with this here experimental/noise/drone/soundtrack compilation of sound sculptors from all over the western map.  Some tracks are chaotic, a mantra of repeating synth ditties and out of sync, repeating field recordings looping in and out of time with each other, sometimes creating warm, serene poses, and others, outright I-lost-my-four-year-old-by-the-dunk-tank nightmares. Between these vignettes lay hefty swaths of electro-acoustic feedback manipulation (most notably Wound from Italy, Hollowfonts from Tampa, FL USA and Qrux from ???) that I’m damn glad I got to hear and will be looking out for future releases by, redirecting my attention to the fine sound-art that Phinery Records in Denmark and Sacred Phrases in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, USA are steadily churning out! It’s a pretty wild ride to have so many stylistically different artists, all tied together through abstraction and the ability to create moods out of thin, vibrating air molecules, and I think this release is wellllll worth repeated, eyes-closed-with-headphones listening.

See: Not quite a snuggle soundtrack, praying with dying machines, meditative swaying, blank stares

- - Jacob An Kittenplan