FUSILLER “Dystopies Versus” C23
(Phase! Records)

When robots take over and make humans their servants, every single trace of this album out there will be hunted down at all costs, as its revolutionary message is far too dangerous: “Humans Are Machines Are Humans Are Machines…” This is what it will sound like when robots awaken to consciousness. This is what it will sound like when humans become one with circuitry. This is an industrially manufactured soul. Revolutionary.

This is a curated collection of perfect balance between heart-wrenching drones and computer death throes. Hertz ranging from 20 to over 12,000 all take mysterious turns running rampant and marching choreographed. Human and robot voices seek (and fucking find!) harmony in unlikely climaxes. I can’t wait to research this artist more! It just figures they’re from France, along with my beloved Calypso Borealis and Natural Snow Buildings…

Go get yourself a tape and prepare to fight the revolution with love and understanding and compassion!


- - Jacob An Kittenplan