KI ONI “Elephas” (Inner Islands)

Ki Oni is a producer from California with a thing for elephants. Specifically, Sumatran elephants. As a fellow elephant lover, I was intrigued when reading that they were the inspiration behind Elephas. I typically don’t listen to very much beat or ambient music but I was eager to give this one a listen in the name of elephant appreciation.

I appreciated the ways the nature influences were brought to the forefront. Ultimately though, the music felt pleasant but repetitive. I listened to it all the way through multiple times and each time I reached the same conclusion. Songs do build, yet when they take shape the end results are inconsistent.

For instance the track “mandopop” didn’t engage me at all. There were a lot of good and cool parts to the tape though. I really liked the weird sample on “mantanga” and the chill but danceable song “autumn breeze”. I found more redeeming value than that on the tape too. I just couldn’t get into it as a whole as much as I wanted to. I highly urge those who might be more into danceable ambient music than I am to still give it a try.

-- Roy Blumenfeld