NEW DOUBT “Demos” C17 (Self-Released)

These folx effortlessly weave together angular guitar riffs and that matter of fact, confident speak-singing that made bands like Jesus Lizard and the Pixies so commanding.  The first song jumps back and forth from 7/4 to 5/4 without sounding forced in the least and I had to cheat by looking them up on bandcamp first to figure out what the hell that sound was, Synthesizer or UFO guitar pedal? Turns out it’s the former.

Even during the standard 4/4 songs, the syncopation involved with this quartet(?) is gripping and well worth repeated listening. I’d love to hear more textural synth-work, droning somewhere in the low-mids, too, but that’d be too perfect for me, especially from a demo. Keep it up, all!

- - Jacob An Kittenplan