Right down to the hurried cursive (scrawled on masking tape no less) this tape is the embodiment of that good ol DIY punk spirit.  In the sparse liner notes reads the block print: “ALL SONGS RECORDED AT NACHO MOUNTAIN/CRAP ISLAND SPRING 2015 OAKLAND, CA (drawing of a tiny lightning bolt) I DID EVERYTHING MY GODDAMN SELF. –IAN A.M.

If you’re guessing that the five songs spanning twelve minutes involve raw, distorted, down-strumming of electric guitar, dirty, dirty, dirty, heavy bass re-enforcement and medium to fast-paced 4/4 drumming, by golly, you’d best get yourself a deck of tarot cards. The one non-cookie cutter piece to this effort is that it kinda plays like a Minor Threat 45…purposefully played at 33rpm instead. The vocals are much more prosaic, maybe jaded? At one point on the second side, the intro even has (what I assume, for the sake of variation?) the dreaded sound of what old thriftstore tapes do all too often upon first rescue, that lurching-squealing threat to spill their dusty-magnetic guts into your treasured tape deck.

The jump to my stereo to stop, pull out, and examine this false alarm was quite the adrenaline rush…maybe this is performance art and I just spoiled the surprise?

((No links on the information super-highway to be supplied, but looks like this guy’s got his own make-shift recording studio, so I’d expect more in the future.))

- - Jacob An Kittenplan