“Sometimes You See Yourself..." (Notes + Bolts)
"Worry" (self released)

"Sometimes You See Yourself (through the Cosmos)” C60 (Notes + Bolts)

Cosmic. Far out. These are the descriptors reserved for Cinchel’s Sometimes You See Yourself (through the Cosmos, and I cheated a little bit there, because “cosmic” is an adjective meaning “of or relating to the universe or outer space,” according to And with track titles like “Takeoffs and Landings” and “Slightly Singing Stars” (and there are only two tracks anyway, both of which last thirty minutes), I bet you can’t figure out what this tape sounds like. Maybe I’ll end this review right here and let you go on a little internet scavenger hunt. Note your answers in the comments.

Ah, who am I kidding, I want to write more, because Cinchel, a Chicago-based recording artist, does his damnedest to approximate Musica universalis, the music of the spheres, the sonic reverberations of celestial objects. He usually does this with guitar, but on Sometimes You See Yourself, he features guest contributions from singing wine glasses, of all things! (Played, obviously, by himself.) Drones upon drones upon drones are layered and processed, and the result is nothing less than otherworldly. Where “Takeoffs and Landings” spends its thirty minutes traveling through the universe, “Slightly Singing Stars” backs off a bit, allowing the glasses to literally “sing” alone and establish their sentience within the vacuum. It’s gorgeous. also defines “cosmic” as “relating to spiritual matters,” and there’s nothing better to do while listening to Cinchel than engage in a little introspection. Strap on some headphones and feel wickedly small when you consider your place in the universe. Let all manner of energy wash over you as you patiently await your chance to join and become one with it. It’s pretty humbling stuff, and Cinchel taps that vein. So whether you’re interested in the rush of an interstellar blast or simply ready to return to stardust, you’ll be helped along on your journey by Sometimes You See Yourself (through the Cosmos). Cosmic, indeed.

--Ryan Masteller


“Worry” C45 (Self-Released)

Dense, dense, dense, distilled moods a la drone-ambient from Chicago’s Cinchel. Unbeknownst, this ain’t artist’s first rodeo, either, bandcamp page hosting over two dozen releases. Pretty poignant stuff here. Looked webpage up and first thing, an Eliane Radigue quote. Figures. Damn good stuff here, indeed.

Side A runs 22.5 minutes. Nearly to the second. “Her ladder was run with the love of her friends” had me near-agitatedly blissful on an eyes-closed floor-sitting. So many major overtones swirling about all at once. Warm, deep, deep lows.  Sharp, crackly highs swooping in and out, several different mids interweaving subtly, softly. Again, all majors. Bright & shiny-like here.

Side B runs same time, but much opposite in theme. Nervous or scared? Worried shitless? “A light crack in the wall”, the title. Blood coming through that crack? Ancient whisperer of death threats? Maybe just me, just too damn macabre tonight? Could see a peaceful death in the Klondike sounding like this, too. Good stuff. Damn fine stuff. Find a comfy spot, cross the legs, lower lights, turn up. Oh, yes.

- - Jacob An Kittenplan