PURPOSE16 “Purpose16” (Entertainment Systems)

Subterranean vibes. Exclusive access. Mind control. Deep thrum. When encountering Purpose16’s stark and menacing micro-electronic pulses, you’re likely to be whisked to a dangerous place. You’ll either go missing or find yourself searching in vain for someone who has. Either that or you get a good, long, introspective journey through unfamiliar territory. It’s like every metaphor for your life you’ve ever imagined suddenly becoming animated within the universe conjured by this release, but with whatever luster dulled to a weird creepology. It’s sort of spooky what you find when you peel back the layers of your psyche. Well, Purpose16’s psyche, anyway.

“Flood,” “Vanishing,” and “Long Mirror” stretch the trip close to thirty minutes, and by the end of the tape you reach a desperation, or a longing, or something to bring you out of the haze. It’s anyone’s guess if you’re actually able to escape, or if you’re primed to experience Purpose16 for eternity. I’m actually not too bothered if this needs to repeat for a while.

--Ryan Masteller